A new vision for effective practice management

Practical tips and pearls of wisdom.

Tom Helm, MD, FAAD
Tom Helm, MD, FAAD

S015 – Practice Management: Vision, Execution, and Optimization
Friday, March 25 | 1 – 4 p.m.
Room 103

Charting a course for the future of your practice takes vision. Although dermatologists may have the clinical expertise to excel in the specialty, sharpening your business skills is an important counterpart for advancing your practice.

Tom Helm, MD, FAAD, and a panel of experts including Jeffrey Miller, MD, FAAD, Robert Kalb, MD, FAAD, Alexandra Flamm, MD, MPH, FAAD, Mollie A. MacCormack, MD, FAAD, Melissa Piliang, MD, FAAD, and Alexa Boer Kimball, MD, MPH, FAAD, will dissect the tasks at hand, helping attendees formulate a vision for their practice, outline actions to implement their vision, and identify strategies for adjusting to a changing health care environment. Panelists, including Dr. Helm, will share their own approaches.

“Most dermatologists have a vision for their practice, but most do not allocate time to formulate specific actionable goals and steps for implementation,” Dr. Helm said. “Reacting to stressors and pressing problems often takes time and resources away from long-term planning, relationship building, and focusing on personal growth.”

When formulating a practice management plan, Dr. Helm encourages dermatologists to outline steps to implement their vision and identify strategies for adjusting to a changing health care environment. Dr. Helm’s steps include:

  • Consider your priorities, values, and strengths, and solicit feedback from colleagues.
  • Identify personal and professional goals that will naturally lead to a plan.
  • Take time to read and think.
  • Understand “what is gained and what is lost” with your decisions to establish realistic goals that align with your values.
  • Take an “inward journey”of leadership to explore your authentic self.
  • Don't just do what everyone else in dermatology is doing.
  • Take time to read and think. Brene Brown, Wiley Souba Jr., MD, ScD, MBA, and others have published many good resources on leadership.
  • Participate in the Academy’s practice management programing.

“These Academy opportunities have provided me with valuable perspectives and renewed my will to actively make changes in my practice,” Dr. Helm said. “The Academy’s practice management offerings, courses, and Leadership Institute, as well as your network of colleagues can all be important resources for developing a plan that fits for you.”

During this afternoon’s comprehensive session, panelists will delve into several practice management sub-topics, including:

  • Creating a culture of excellence
  • Translating your vision into practice
  • Building important relationships: Dermpath and the rest of your referral team
  • Safety, speed, and satisfaction: Fine-tuning your procedural practice
  • Coding, MACRA, MIPS, and more
  • Navigating networks and organizational culture while staying at your “True North”