The face of dermatology

Cosmetic and aesthetic sessions rejuvenate dermatologists.

A Black woman is undergoing an aesthetic procedure.

From treating certain facial features that affect a patient’s self-confidence to their never-ending quest to achieve “the fountain of youth,” the AAD knows dermatologists must be knowledgeable and prepared to address aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. This year, the AAD Annual Meeting in San Diego featured more than a dozen sessions devoted exclusively to aesthetic, cosmetic, and laser topics.

The basics

The all-encompassing F027 – Advanced Cosmetic Procedures: Lipo, Lifts, and Lids demonstrated techniques for eyelid rejuvenation, neck, and face lifts. Panelists shared their experience as well as pre-operative evaluation, potential complications, local anesthesia techniques, and tips for beginning cosmetic surgeons to get the best outcomes.

Of course, C002 – Live Demonstration: The State of The Art of Aesthetic Dermatology and C004 – Live Demonstration: Soft Tissue Augmentation and Neuromodulators – Simultaneous Cadaver Prosection and Live Patient Injections featured actual patients, giving a panel of local, California dermatologists an opportunity to provide assessments and treatment recommendations.

Similarly, S043 – Dermatologic Surgery: Cosmetic Tips and Pearls provided attendees with cosmetic tips and pearls for enhancing treatment options, including surgery, lasers and other machines, fillers, botulinum toxins, peels, and more.

Safety and standards

While F104 – Chemical Peeling in 2024: An International Perspective spotlighted a proven track record of safety and effectiveness across a variety of medical and cosmetic indications, U019 – Multimodal Cosmetic Treatments: What to Combine When and How underscored the importance of timing and order when providing multiple, same-day procedures. 

Two sessions offered cautionary tales for cosmetic procedures. U047 – Medical Problems with Cosmetic Overtones examined underlying medical etiologies that may affect a positive outcome for a cosmetic procedure. S028 – Complications of Cosmetic Procedures took a more serious tone, exploring severe complications, such as embolism, blindness, and/or disfiguring scars.

Laser sharp

Equal attention was devoted to laser treatments and their versatility. General discussion was the focus of F094 – Advances in Lasers and Light Sources: What’s the Truth? and F014 – Advanced Laser Techniques. For the dermatologist with more experience in laser treatments, the Annual Meeting offered F119 - Fractional Laser and Light-based Technologies. Panelists presented specific treatment protocols and tips to optimize clinical outcomes. The session also featured evidence-based approaches to examine the strengths and weaknesses of current fractional technology. Specific focus was given to fractionated laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation in varying skin tones and conditions.

More targeted discussions were the focus of U100 - Lasers & Energy Devices in the Treatment of Acne, F002 - Critical Gaps and Controversies in Laser Treatment of Port Wine Birthmarks and Other Vascular Anomalies, and U086 - Laser and Device-based Treatment of Scars.

Watch for more laser and cosmetic offerings this summer at the 2024 AAD Innovation Academy